2012 Annual Recap

2012 Annual Recap


With your help so far, we’ve accomplished a lot:

  • We’ve published our 25th interview!  Our videos have been called “prime time quality”
  • Over 70,000 hits on our stories!
  • Our interviews have been picked up by MSNBC, Huffington Post, Salon, Sly in the Morning, EcoWatch, WisPolitico, Open Salon editor’s pick, Hudson Patch, Rivertowns, and more
  • Diversity – We’ve recorded the stories of farmers to correctional officers, inner city to reservations, social services to business owners, teachers to students
  • Relevancy – We’ve helped the public understand how public policy choices affect our families, our communities and our state

But what we are most thankful for this year, is what the people we interviewed had to say about their experience with WI Voices, Inc.

“Not only is WI Voices wonderfully produced , all involved take the time to get the story being covered in its entirety , check and recheck the facts, and make sure people are comfortable with the final product, before it goes out to the public. The result, all the comments I hear are glowing, and I can honestly say I got comments from all over the country and in fact the world….It’s an impressive effort that deserves support.” 

Jim Laskin  ~ “Frac Sand Mine Proposed Near School


WI Voices gave me the opportunity to share my story in a positive,  fair way.  There was no media spin.  No leading questions.  Just a format for everyday people to tell their story! This is exactly what we need in today’s media! Thank you for listening and publishing WI Voices!”


Meg Farrington ~ “Our School Board ‘Listened to Us’ Says WI Teacher



WI Voices was a great experience. It has given different perspectives of people throughout the state with different points of view. Not everyone has the same issues to deal with and WI Voices is good at pointing that out.”


John Shafer ~ “Farmer Describes Increasing Challenges

WI Voices did just what its name suggests…it allowed John and me to have a voice. Heidi and Art allowed us to tell our story as we saw fit and when we were done, they artfully shared with the community as a whole. As a result of our work with WI Voices our voter ID struggle got national press and helped to begin a nation-wide conversation. WI Voices is top-notch story-telling, it is journalism at its very best.”

Rita Platt ~ “WI Couple Unable to Get ID to Vote

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