2011 Interview Recap

2011 Interview Recap

Hundreds of thousands of protestors have descended on the Capitol in Madison, WI in the last year.  Tens of thousands of volunteers have mobilized petition drives, meetings, and rallies in their own communities.  Numerous reports in the media cite “dislike” of Gov. Walker or single issue reasons such as the collective bargaining roll back as driving factors fueling the recall.  Although these reasons would be legally sufficient under Wisconsin’s constitutional right to recall, I have found public discontent to be much more multifaceted than these often used examples.  After 8 months of collecting interviews and posting reports from people around the state, I have found the issues to be as diverse as the people themselves.

Concerned citizens have spoken about topics ranging from diminished access to and rising costs of health care, voting rights, environmental deregulation, child protection, competent leaders, education, farming, cronyism, women’s health/reproductive issues, campaign finance, Supreme Court impropriety, workplace environment including safety and intimidation, college tuition, election fraud, jobs, livable wages, immigrant issues, human rights, democracy, favoritism, inner city isolationism, gun control, Native American treaty rights, mass transit, corporate influence, 2-party system, unemployment, collective bargaining, corruption, deportation, poverty, incarceration, WI retirement system, access to elected leaders and Capitol building, fair taxation, equitable funding, hunting, state park system, nutrition, privatization, mining and fracking, working government, 99% issues, protecting the vulnerable, Wisconsin’s legacy, and more…

Here is a recap of some of WI Voices interviews from this past year.


lost Badgercare; livable wages; fair taxation; retirement

Janet M. and Stephanie Roland

inner city isolationism; equitable government; competent leaders

John Shafer

family farmers; corporate influence; favoritism; livable wages

Tami Weber

health care; independence; equitable gov’t


correctional officer; privatization; collective bargaining, livable wages

Auriel Auriel and Julia Willett

visibility in government; worker’s rights; democracy; access to Capitol

Teresa Tellez-Giron

equal protection and rights; child protection; immigrant issues; deportation

Chris Wondra (left, with friends)

government corruption; education; transparency; democracy

Duana Bremer

Social Services; child nutrition; fair funding; protecting the vulnerable

Larry and Mania Moore 

 collective bargaining; workplace environment; education; fairness

Zhi Yang Chen, Yang C., Jay S., Linshu Li Lily Spider

democracy; working government; voting rights

Susan Bickley and Marie Martini

99% issues;WI legacy; transparency; education

 Gary and Connie Gille

Gov. Walker Supporters; fair taxation; corporate influence; democracy

John Wolfe and Rita Platt

voting rights; human rights; working government

Mike and Norma Briggs

preserving Wisconsin; protecting the vulnerable; education

Ike Edwards

WI legacy; mass transit; protecting the vulnerable; livable wage


child protective services; workplace environment; livable wage


For more stories from regular people in Wisconsin, check out WI Voices TV.

Here are two other stories produced by grassroots upstarts:



7 Responsesto “2011 Interview Recap”

  1. Celeste Koeberl says:

    See, “Recall elections ordered for Walker, Kleefisch, 4 GOP senators”, 3/31/12, Wisconsin State Journal, at http://host.madison.com/wsj/news/local/govt-and-politics/elections/recall-elections-ordered-for-walker-kleefisch-gop-senators/article_97b6f274-7a74-11e1-bd58-001a4bcf887a.html

  2. Celeste Koeberl says:

    See, “Just over 931,000 signatures submitted for Walker recall, GAB says”, 3/13/12, at http://www.jsonline.com/news/statepolitics/gab-authorizes-4-senate-recall-elections-ab4hj00-142337285.html

  3. Thurston Howell III says:

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Kay says:

    You would think that, as a retired teacher, my only concern would be the loss of collective bargaining for public workers. Not so. I am in favor of recalling Walker for many more reasons. I didn’t realize how many until I saw your list. I take issue with each one – and I think there are as many as 50 reasons given! Walker MUST GO!

  5. Mike G. says:

    this is what the recall is all about

  6. Scott says:

    Wait…I thought it was JUST about collective bargaining. I thought it was just UNION THUGS driving this. Oh..that’s right…that’s what Walker would have us think. Thanks for reminding everyone that it’s not.

  7. Heidi Herron says:

    I’ve been notified that the new site wasn’t allowing comments…and now it has even eaten a few previous ones! Bear with me as I maneuver through this…Thanks!

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