WI Voices 2013 Biannual Recap!

WI Voices 2013 Biannual Recap!

These stories are possible because of the support from people like you!  Here are some of the things you have helped WI Voices accomplish in the last 6 months:

Your support has enabled us to continue our coverage of the people who are affected by frac sand mining policies in WI.  As a result, journalist Lynne Peeples of the Huffington Post picked up the story! HuffPost-TitleCapture1SM

BadRiver-Web-siteSMThank-you for your continued support of our interview with Tribal Chairman Wiggins.  This interview continues to utilized on the Bad River Tribal website, helping to educate people around the world.

Your support enabled us to showcase videos in tri-state film festival! Film-Festival-Poste-SM-1r
 WIV-PatchBlogSM  WI Voices is among the “most read” on local Hudson Patch!

make these stories possible – Thank-you!

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