PREVIEW: Mother Fears Disabled Daughter May Lose Job at St. Croix Industries

PREVIEW: Mother Fears Disabled Daughter May Lose Job at St. Croix Industries

July 22, 2013: Jamie and May Ross discuss Jamie’s job at St. Croix Industries, a program for disabled adults in New Richmond, WI.

On August 6, 2013, the St. Croix County board will decide if they will continue supporting SCI as they have for nearly 40 years, or if they move toward privatization. Many parents, workers, and clients are concerned that if SCI is no longer publicly funded then serious problems may result, including the potential that some adults with severe disabilities, such as Jamie, will be out of the program.

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4 Responsesto “PREVIEW: Mother Fears Disabled Daughter May Lose Job at St. Croix Industries”

  1. Suzanne Van Mele says:

    SCI has NOT been a part of the county levy since 2008, when the budget was $94 million. Now the budget is much less; $68 million. Why was SCI removed from the levy? Health and Human Services was cut $3.5 million in 2013 more than the overall budget cut of $2 million from 2012. In all good conscience, can we continue this trend of reducing services to those most vulnerable among who are unable to speak for themselves? SCI cost reduction needs to be explored. One example: Transport vehicles are kept at SCI in New Richmond instead of near where high volume pick up points are located. This would cut trips to and from the workplace by one half. Cost reducing has not been looked at all. The county board needs to do the right thing, not take the easy way out. Get down to work on how keep SCI viable which has successfully given the developmentally disabled employment opportunities, human dignity, respect, and self worth for 40 years.

  2. Velvet says:

    For more information on what is happening to St Croix Industries please go to Facebook page: Friends Of St Croix Industries
    There you will be able to read articles & see the County board meeting video. From there you can also sign the electronic petition to Keep St Croix Industries County Ran.

  3. Roy Sjoberg says:

    Jesus would certainly want to close this place, after all the Great Commandment according to the radical right is, If it doesn’t make a profit then the law of the free market says close it down and terminate all those jobs. Now really how can a compassionate society even consider withdrawing its support? Sooner or later the evangelical Christians in this county are going to follow His Way and rally to support the marginalized and disadvantaged. Will this be the time?

  4. Pierre de Plume says:

    I firmly support the continuation of this program, but I’m wondering what is the full story. Has the county funded this program in the past with the help of state assistance? In other words, does the county really have a choice in the matter? Or is this an ideological issue brought on by the state’s controlling radical faction?

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