WI Voices on Pause…

WI Voices on Pause…


For nearly three years, it has been our honor and pleasure to report about and record more than 40 interviews with our fellow Wisconsinites.  However, it is now time for WIvoices.org to take a break.

Thank you, all, for your generous support and your willingness to trust us with your stories!  Your testimonies not only reveal the deep sense of community prevalent here in Wisconsin, but also how public policy directly affects quality-of-life issues.

Ongoing reporting concerning Glenwood City frac sand mining is in the capable hands of local, state, and national news.
 (New Richmond News, WI Center for Investigative Journalism, Huffington Post)

Finally, there is one
 updated interview you should check out!  Former teacher, Stephanie Kline, “WI Teacher Resigns Citing Stress, Health Care, Uncertainty, provided us with a surprising update.  It seems her gamble may have paid off.

Although Kline misses her students, she writesLife is good.”

That’s a good place for us to pause for now too.  So, from everybody here at WIvoices.org, Thank you.


2 Responsesto “WI Voices on Pause…”

  1. Tyler says:

    The work of this website is great. I hope it continues beyond this break to continue digging in to issues.

  2. Barb Arnst says:

    I recently noticed the fresh and updated look to the website. I do like this new look and wish I would have commented on it sooner! The work you and your team have done, bringing the stories of everyday people and how they have been affected by public policy decisions, have been so well-done, interesting, and in many cases eye-opening. I have learned much from you and those who gave you their stories. Your interviews, the photography and videography, and the documentation on the issues, have been a valuable resource for learning about what has been going on in Wisconsin with public policy. Thank you all for the body of work you have brought to us on WI Voices! I look forward to future stories after your break.

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